Suggested Title: Contemporary, Classic, Or Modern Decor? Try Out These 9 Ottomans And Benches!


Possibly the most versatile furniture piece that you will ever own, an ottoman can take on just about every kind of look possible. From elegant and classy to breezy and modern and from minimalistic to highly functional, an ottoman can be it all and more.

In fact, despite their subtle touch, benches & ottomans can turn into vital pieces that can tie together various elements to create a coherent look for your living room, bedroom, or casual space. They are also wonderful when you want to create balance, but don’t have the room to add heavy or large pieces. So, if you are interested in buying one, take a look at the top 9 best benches & ottomans.

9. A Classic Done Differently

Tufted ottomans can add a rich and elegant look to any home, but the fact is that this design has been done to death. If you are looking for that unmistakable classic appeal but want a pop of difference, this woven ottoman will be the right choice for you.

Offered in 5 earthy and rich shades, these well-built ottomans boast a solid mahogany frame and comfortable foam cushioning. And in terms of aesthetic appeal, this is the one piece that will stand out owing to its sheer striking good looks.

8. Simplicity And Minimalism At Their Very Best

Another stunningly simple yet beautiful offering from the famed Augusto collection, the hand-crafted arched legs of this piece set it apart from regular ottoman benches.

The foam padding used for the seat offers the same level of comfort as a tufted or cushioned ottoman but the artistic frame gives this piece a uniquely neat and minimalistic look. If you have a lot of dominating pieces in an area, this ottoman will bring in just the breeziness and lightness that the ambiance needs.

7. The Understated Storage Bench

Looking for something that combines aesthetic appeal and functionality? Try the Silas Storage Bench! It’s not every day that you come across furniture that offers you storage on it and inside it plus provides the perfect place to plop down when you need to put on your shoes and looks fabulous while doing it all.

And those are just a few of the things the classical and sturdy design of the Silas Storage bench brings to your décor.

6. The Quintessential Pop Of Color

The thing about ottomans is that they embody the air of casualness and fun, so it’s no wonder that children and adults alike gravitate to it. Yet, the leather upholstered benches & ottomans can come across as a bit uppity.

And if that is not the look you are going for, try the Astrid embroidered ottoman. Its low profile makes it the perfect footstool and its round look gives it an element of fun. Add to this the gorgeous colors and the impressive embroidery and you have a piece that commands attention in the cutest most subtle way possible.

5. A Touch Of Uniqueness

Typically ottomans tend to have a square or a round design but if you are looking for something different and stunning, check out the Bexley ottoman.

The curved lines that make up the frame give this piece a look that is elegant, classy, and simple all at once. In fact, whether you have a living area with a lot of classic décor items or a space that is adorned with rattan pieces, this ottoman will blend beautifully with them all.

4. The Intentionally Impromptu Table

One of the most distinctive qualities of a well-made ottoman is that despite its simplistic design it can play the role of multiple furniture items based on where it is placed and how it is used. And that is exactly the kind of versatility that the Montgomery Rectangular Ottoman brings to your décor.

It’s got the ubiquitous cushioned seat, which means it can serve as additional seating space. But the handy lower shelf also means that it can just as well double up as a center/coffee table. And if that is not enough, it also provides some much-needed space for those books and magazines. In a nutshell, this is a piece that has a lot to offer!

3. Simplicity With Just A Wee Bit Of Spice

Ottomans can come in handy in a myriad of ways. Plus, they have one of the simplest designs possible, with clean lines and classic frames. So, it is hard to go wrong with them.

But, some feel that this simplicity actually takes away from the ability of benches & ottomans to add aesthetic appeal to a space. If that is what you feel, you certainly haven’t seen the rustic and strikingly beautiful Kilim round ottomans.

Yes, they are round but the hard-to-miss wooden legs that support the seat instantly attract attention to the piece. However, what’s really striking about these ottomans is the geometric patterned, textured upholstery. So, when you want a piece that is stunning without being in your face, you know which ottoman to go for!

2. Functional And Fun All The Way

So, what’s better than an ottoman? Why a swiveling ottoman of course! Yes, every second home has a swivel chair or two. But, let’s be honest a swiveling chair has an uptight and rigid air about it. But when you have an ottoman that can be swiveled around, you know the piece is all about fun.

The best part is that along with its exclusive design, the Colson Swivel Ottoman also has a classic look with button tufting at the bottom and a clean and smooth seat on top. Opt for this ottoman if you want a piece that can be moved around to any area and will blend in beautifully.

1. The Wooden Stunner

Benches & ottomans are viewed as lightweights when it comes to aesthetic quotient. While nobody can argue over their functionality, they are seldom striking enough to instantly grab attention.

But the Helena Carved Bench changes that impression and how. It offers storage in a hand-carved wooden box that can be adorned with a thin seat and placed as the perfect piece to balance a heavy couch in the living room or on its own in the foyer or at the feet of the bed or even in that corner of the house that serves as your me-space.

And no matter where you take it, this alluring gem will stand out! Although it’s available in 3 finishes, the antique natural finish is a crowd-pleaser through and through and one that will blend with any color theme. Moreover, the wood carving is so gorgeous that no matter what décor style you have used, this piece will be a perfect match.