5 Chaise Lounges That Will Redefine Relaxation


1. Eton Upholstered Chaise

Sophisticated and elegant, this multipurpose chaise can be customized with over 200 different types of fabrics. Seat cushions are crafted out of eco-friendly polyurethane foam and wrapped in a hypoallergenic blend. The hardwood feet offer five possible finishes, including fossil, latte, and walnut. Due to its versatility, it can serve as a reading nook, a chair, or a comfy lounger.

2. Hartwell Upholstered Chaise

A timeless classic, the Hartwell chaise features trademark track arms that run parallel along each side. The hand-sewn stitching technique ensures maximum durability while providing a stylish appearance. The laminated hardwood frame uses multiple layers of hardwood to create a robust foundation that is resistant to warping and less susceptible to natural weaknesses.

3. Maggie Chaise

The Maggie chaise’s curvy design is what separates it from the rest. It adds a retro charm to the room and provides an inviting space for those moments when you just want to take a little break. The tufted backrest – besides providing added comfort – also secures the fabric and keeps the upholstery in place for boosted longevity.

4. Lilith Chaise

Combining the benefits of both a chaise lounge and a bed, the Lilith boasts minimalistic craftsmanship that can fit into almost any type of room. The solid oak frame is finished off with corner posts crowned by finials, while the skirt is enhanced by scroll-like textured details. With almost 65 inches in width, there’s plenty of space for multiple people.

5. Maggie Chaise With Brass Nailheads

This enhanced version of the original Maggie chaise comes with decorative brass nailheads located at the bottom, just above the wooden legs. Although it’s seemingly a tiny touchup, it adds a whole lot of style and gives the chaise a premium feel. They present an elegant way to hide the seams in the upholstery, providing a finished appearance.