BedJet: Your Ultimate Sleep Solution for Year-Round Comfort


Are you tired of restless nights, constantly flipping your pillows to find the cool side, or waking up in a sweaty mess during hot summer nights? Say goodbye to sleepless nights and uncomfortable bedding with the BedJet, the revolutionary sleep system that will transform the way you experience rest. When it comes to achieving the perfect sleep environment, offers the best selection of BedJet products that cater to your unique comfort needs.

1. BedJet 3 Climate Comfort Sleep System

Relieve and prevent hot flashes, night sweats, cold feet and frosty sheets with this award-winning climate comfort sleep system. The BedJet uses state-of-the-art dual zone intelligent climate technology to heat or cool your bed independently from the rest of your room to help you achieve the ultimate sleep experience.

2. BedJet 3 Dual Zone Climate Comfort

The BedJet is your year-round sleeping solution. With dual zone climate comfort, you can heat or cool your bed by up to 15 degrees. The BedJet adapts to your body temperature and adjusts accordingly when you move around.

3. Cloud Sheet Accessory

Never fear another sleepless night of sweat with this breathable, environmentally friendly cooling sheet. Made of soft microfiber, the Cloud Sheet provides an extra level of comfort and can be snapped onto the BedJet in a matter of seconds. The Cloud Sheet’s highly absorbent material is designed to wick away any moisture so it doesn’t affect the overall performance of your BedJet.

4. BedJet Aromatherapy Upgrade Kit

Entice all your senses in bed with the BedJet Aromatherapy Upgrade Kit. Imagine the luxurious and calming benefits of Lavender, Tea Tree or Chamomile (or any other essential oil of your choice) infusing into your bedsheets while drifting off to a blissful BedJet induced sleep! Or just freshen your sheets up with Eucalyptus before getting into bed.

The BedJet is an award-winning, patented product that will change the way you sleep this season. Try it for yourself and see how easy and comfortable it is to sleep through the night.

The BedJet team has designed a unique, comfortable, innovative mattress-like sensation called “the Cloud” that can be used in any Sleep Mode. This cloud-like feeling provides soft comfort and relaxation while helping you to achieve deep, regenerative sleep every time you lay your head on the bed.