Amazing Furniture Car Ideas


Cars are important in our lives as they serve as an asset and way of expressing our social status. Even when the car gets old, some people find it difficult in selling their car into the scrap yard. However, you can convert your old into nice pieces of furniture that you can use in your home or at your office. Some of the furniture car ideas for you are:

i) Couches

One of the furniture car ideas is to recycle part of your car into a sofa or homemade couch. If you have a broken sedan, you can take its front part and convert it into a beautiful couch. Do not remove the front light, just leave it so that it continues to look original.

ii) Picnic and grilling area

If you wish to make a nice picnic and grilling area that you can turn a broken car into one. In this case, you will cut your vintage car into two. After that, you can attach an ordinary stove to the body.


You can use the old broken mini cooper of your car in creating a nice desk that you can use in your office or home. It’s very simple to make as you will only take the front part of your car and then add a nice flat piece of wood on the top side. You can decide to keep the tires and lams as you connect a small table.

iv)Car bed

You can also recycle your car and use it as a bed to sleep on. All you have to do is to remove the top part but you should not remove the bumper and lights. Do not tamper with the design of your car.

v)Wheel rim fire pit

In case you like barbecuing outdoors then you can use unused wheel rims on making a nice fire pit. All you have to do is to take two-wheel and weld them together. After that, you can make a hole on the side and then make fire using firewood or charcoal.

Through the above furniture car ideas definitely, you will enjoy seeing your old car around you.