15 Best Floor Lamps Reviewed


If you are keen on buying the right floor lamps then the following list of 15 different makes and types can come in handy.

1. Ariana Column Floor Lamp 63 Inches

If you are short on space and are looking for a floor lamp that combines look and performance, then this could be the choice. It is 63 inches in length and therefore disperses light quite evenly and powerfully. It works on a single 100 W bulb.

2. 67 inch Arched Floor Lamp – Sevag

This is a high priced floor lamp and its unique design and style adds quite a bit of sophistication to your room.

3. 71 inch Nahla Torchiere Floor Lamp

This could be the right choice for the brightest of light in a room where space is a constraint. It is stylish looking too.

4. Tree Floor Lamp – Dontae

A 63.4 inch tree floor lamp, this helps to streamline your lighting space with three different slots for lamps.

5. Arc Floor Lamp – Fosston

This is a versatile floor lamp that could be used in your bedroom or living room and is sleek and space saving.

6. 71 “ Torchiere Lamp From Quincy

This is made from high quality iron and could be the best illuminating partner either for your bedroom, living room or study room.

7. 68” Reading Floor Lamp from Pine Lake

Crafted from a high quality metal finish, this is stunning piece of floor lamp that is operated by an easy to operate on and off switch.

8. 61” Floor Lamp from Morrisonville

This could be a good choice for those who want to add a contemporary styled floor lamp to their living room. It comes with a gorgeous metallic finish and adds style and substance to the room.

9. Floor Lamp Shipton 61”

If you are looking for a sofa-side floor lamps that can make guests turn around and look at it a second time, then please go in for this floor lamp Shipton. It comes with a size of 61 inches.

10. Arched Floor Lamp – 65” From Buendia

You cannot ignore this stylish and utility-filled arched floor lamp that comes with a size of 65 inches. It helps brighten the reading space and does not eat up valuable floor space.

11. Chill Floor Lamp – 58 inches

This is crafted from iron and it has a base that is awash with high quality brushed nickel finish. It is operated by a convenient foot switch and needs a 60w bulb to illuminate.

12. Column Floor Lamp – 63 Inch Union City

Coming from Zipcode Design Shop this 63 inch column floor lamp offers the best value for money. It is useful for illuminating all the good things in your living room.

13. Novelty Floor Lamp from Emory – 63 Inches

Irrespective of the layout that you may have in your living room, this 63 inches masterpiece of design from Novelty can bring new life to your room. It is made from high quality metal and has a stunning look and finish.

14. 60 inch Floor Lamp from Katzer

This is a stylish and classy looking product and is a candidate for one of the most stylish looking floor lamps in the market. The shade is made from faux softback silk.

15. 70” Reading Floor Lamp – Carlisle

This is great looking and utility filled reading floor lamp with a generous height of 70 inches. It is famous for its low impact installation. It adds that unique industrial touch to your room.